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Deionization is the process of removing all ions from a solution. Solutions of urea, acrylamide, formamide and glyoxal can dissociate over time into ionic species. These ionic species can often be detrimental to proteins, RNA etc.



  1. Weigh 5g of resin for every 100mL of formamide or acrylamide solution. Use 1 g of resin per mL of glyoxal.
    • This amount is sufficient for any concentration.
  2. Add resin to solution.
    • Molecular Cloning suggests washing the resin with 1mL of the solution to be deionized per mL of resin and discard prior to addition of resin to solution.
  3. Stir for 1 hour.
  4. Check pH to insure deionization is complete. If the resin turns gold, more resin is needed.
  5. If deionization is not complete, remove the resin by filtration and add more resin.
  6. Remove resin by filtering using a syringe and 0.22μm filter.
    • Is there an easier/better way?



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